Alfy’s Gets a New Identity and Marketing Strategy

The Challenge

Alfy’s Pizza is a family-owned pizza chain that had once been synonymous with quality and family-friendliness in the north sound.  Over time, independent franchise owners diverged from Alfy’s standards resulting in an unreliable product and service from store to store.  The marketing messages from all stores had become a hodge-podge of specials.  The family is working to regain control of the stores and restoring the standards.  They needed a marketing strategy.

The Solution

We developed the concept that “Great Pizza Makes Great Families” in the spirit of pizza itself, which is decided upon, ordered, and eaten as a family. Every message would communicate the quality and family-friendliness of the product.  We also rebuilt Alfy’s logo and box to reinforce the fact that it is under new management and committed to family and quality.


Great Pizza Makes Great Families 60

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